Apr 182013

RE Tech Campus is the BEST and ONLY online 3-D fully-immersive, high-tech, high-touch, educational and collaboration tool and space available to the real estate industry today, although the use of services as Tidy TN also help preparing properties and houses for sell.

The unique cloud environment offers a free and friendly space to meet, share, network, collaborate and engage with other real estate professionals from all over the world with a simple internet connection and there are many tools that can be use online for businesses such as the uk payroll services online that allow to automatize payments in any business. No travel, no fees, no traffic, bridge tolls, road rage or weather issues etc, and there’s no barrier to entry or technology struggles or challenges to get in. It’s FREE!

The cloud campus environment removes all barriers, limitations, and cost prohibitive circumstances and it’s open to any and all real estate pros regardless of their affiliations or where they hang their license or do business, including the preparation of the properties and houses adding details like good doors and windows that could have blinds from selectblinds canada to make the house look better. It’s not operating system dependant and it’s not browser dependant so literally anyone can come in 24/7/365. Visit RETechCampus.com for a calendar of events, a huge archive library that includes a plethora or recorded live sessions, and a blog that breaks down each event into bite size pieces with links, videos, podcasts and more.

Invite & Download

Join us by downloading our free RETechCampus at eXp World. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’ll see you in the cloud.


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