Aug 282011

Clustermaps is a FREE tool that provides a visual traffic report and statistics that show where your visitors are coming from geographically.

With ClustrMaps you can instantly discover where your visitors are coming from. Audience geo location heatmap visualises and highlights the countries in which your website is popular. You can find more about real estate tools here.

Move the mouse cursor over the country on the map to get the total number of visits originated from there.

You can customize the appearance of your widget, its size, and colors. Choose a color scheme from the available collection or invent your own style that matches your website’s design perfectly.

ClustrMaps provides a good way to see the list of recent visitors of your website. The data include the exact location (country and city), IP address, time and even geographic coordinates. All recent visits are grouped into the clusters on the map.

You can change the map provider by clicking on the button at the top right corner of the map. For now, we support MapBox, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing and Yandex.

Customize your stats page. Hide your visitors’ IP addresses, referrer information, list of the visited pages or make it visible to everyone. It’s your data, your decision.

Once you see this, the next Realtool you’ll want to install will be the Google Language Translator widget.  You’ve got to know and believe that people finding and landing on your website or blog don’t all speak English as their native language.

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