Feb 062012

When is enough really enough?  In the old classic Popeye cartoons, when he was at his wits end, he would grunt and mumble, “That’s ALL I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”  Remember?  Of course you do, and now you say the same thing about the Internet, email, Blogs, websites, social media, contracts, mail campaigns, the news, branding, reputation, STOP!!  ENOUGH Already…  right?

So I’m introducing those who’ve HAD IT to Hubspot!

To really understand Hubspot, you first need to know what it is?  I’ll lead you to the water, but nobody can or is going to make you drink.  Popeye only ate the spinach when he really absolutely needed it folks, but when he did, he kicked some major arse for sure.  This is the best two minute video out there that you’ll relate to and yet get a full understanding of what Hubspot is all about.