Aug 252011

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Sep 232012

This presentation of FREE Google Business tools was presented to the Sarasota Florida MLS and Board of REALTORS this past week at the convention center in Sarasota FL. As promised, here is the slide deck used to share and discuss some of the major Google Tools we wanted attendees to know about.

There’s a link at the bottom of this post to ALL 50+ FREE Google tools and services available for your business.

For a list with links to more Google tools, check out: Top 50 Google Tools for Business

Jun 132012

This recorded video webinar was shared with more than 250 people online at a live webinar. I was asked to post it here for revisiting and reviewing by class attendees and for those who registered but were unable to make it to the session. The video is 40 mins. in length but offers over 200 websites and free services for your business.

Feb 062012

When is enough really enough?  In the old classic Popeye cartoons, when he was at his wits end, he would grunt and mumble, “That’s ALL I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”  Remember?  Of course you do, and now you say the same thing about the Internet, email, Blogs, websites, social media, contracts, mail campaigns, the news, branding, reputation, STOP!!  ENOUGH Already…  right?

So I’m introducing those who’ve HAD IT to Hubspot!

To really understand Hubspot, you first need to know what it is?  I’ll lead you to the water, but nobody can or is going to make you drink.  Popeye only ate the spinach when he really absolutely needed it folks, but when he did, he kicked some major arse for sure.  This is the best two minute video out there that you’ll relate to and yet get a full understanding of what Hubspot is all about.

Nov 152011

Tom Ferry shares the secret tips and formula for setting up an effective business plan. It starts with creating your annual goals, then breaking it down to daily contacts and tasks. After viewing this short video, get a copy of the Agent Assist worksheet and simplify everything he explains in the video.


It takes contacts to get appointments, and appointments to close sales.

In the above sample, an NAR statistic says 35 contacts gets 1 appointment, and 4 appointments closes 1 sale. With a $350,000 avg. sales price using 3% as the commission, and 80% broker split, we can determine exactly how many contacts are needed (per day) for this agent to reach their financial goals.  Add some vacation time, number of work days and hours, and desired income to complete your road map and guide to success.

Oct 072011

Readers like blogs. Watchers and viewers like video.

How are you reaching your listeners? Try the Real Estate Today Radio player from the National Association of REALTORS®.  This is a REALTOOL for REALTORS yo don’t want your listeners to miss out on.  Just embed it on your site, blog post, or sidebar and provide value-added audio that only your listener type audience will really appreciate!

Take a listen, just click play then go add to your website or blog for FREE.

Oct 032011 is a great hosting site for your PowerPoint presentations.

There is also a wide variety and selection of topics and presentations available for public use.  This specific Powerpoint presentation Pack is a great tool and widget for when you’re wanting to show off more than one specific Powerpoint file.

It creates a library of presentations for your audience to preview and select.

Sep 062011

The best tool for sharing your blog content is a plugin called Shareaholic.  It adds the ability for others to share your material on a wide variety of platforms, blogs, and other social media networks and sites.

Shareaholic just announced the release of their new Firefox add-on which provides some of the same features and opportunities to share content with others right from within your Mozilla Firefox browser.

If you like the Shareaholic plugin for WordPress Blogs or the Add-on for Firefox browsers, feel free to use the Shareaholic tool below to share with others. Sharing and having no expectations for anything in return is the best kind of sharing there is, especially if you’re looking for viral results. However, the rewards for sharing in this manner can be great!

Aug 282011

PrimoPDF – A Free .PDF Converter Application. Converts any document to .PDF
HP Learning Center – FREE Online learning center for REALTORS®
Google Earth – The World now at your desktop and It’s now better than ever!
BatchGeoCode – Map Multiple Properties. Great for MLS Tour and Open Houses
ZipCodeStats – Statistical Information all over the Country by City and Zip Code
Also Try ZipSkinny, another cool site
HitTail – HitTail reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords
BirthdayAlarm – Great for tracking your clients, family and friends B-Days
AnnualCreditReport – A real online Credit Report Site for FREE –
PicNik – Adjust, resize, and customize photos and images online for FREE
i-Lighter – Collect, Organize and Share the Web
CoolSurveys and PollDaddy – Create custom FREE online Surveys
Google Widgets – Over 46,000 Gadgets – Add to Blogs or Websites
FREEPhoto – 116,000 plus FREE images and photos for your Blog or Website
TouchGraph – See how connected you really are in the Cyber World
ArticleChecker -Check Articles, Text and Website Pages for Duplication
BlogFlux – Quick RSS Feed Buttons for your Blogs
Microsoft – FREE On-line Training – Self Paced Training Courses
PhoneSpell – What Does Your Phone Number Spell? Try it, be surprised!
– Tons of FREE software, shareware and applications
FloodSmart – Run any address to see if Property is Located in Flood Zone
BraveNet – FREE Websites and Web Tools
HipCast - An Audio an Video Podcasting Service – FREE
WebsiteGrader – Where does your website rate? Pass or Fail
PhotoBucketFlickrSlideKodak GalleryPicasa – Photo Hosting
BlogBackupOnline – Back up your Blog Posts Daily and it’s FREE

Aug 282011

Clustermaps is a FREE tool that provides a visual traffic report and statistics that show where your visitors are coming from geographically.  Once you see this, the next Realtool you’ll want to install will be the Google Language Translator widget.  You’ve got to know and believe that people finding and landing on your website or blog don’t all speak English as their native language.

Get Your FREE Clustermap Here

Aug 272011

Every picture tells a story, and there’s a story in every photo.  There are hundreds of reasons to utilize photo editing and here’s some great sites that offer a variety of editing tools for those on the go.  These FREE tools are available to anyone online and at anytime!




If you want visitors to your site to stick around longer, try embedding a photo editing tool right into your site.  Trust me, the temptation to use it and ability to resist is almost unbearable, and the results will be extremely effective.

Aug 252011

In our quest for Real Estate Widgets to research and investigate, we performed a search on one of the leading major search engines well-known as  Out of the 33.7 million returned results, we discovered that the #1 site in the organic (not paid) search results was a site that many of us already use for Real Estate Tools and Technology.

So don’t take our word for it, go ahead and Google “Real Estate Widgets” and see what results you get back?  We can also just Google That For You Here if you like, then head on over and see why this site shows up in the #1 spot.   The widgets ROCK, they’re FREE, and Google thinks it should be your first stop… and so do we!

To find out more about what Real Estate Widgets and tools
you should consider, check out the Top 30 Widgets post, you’re bound to find some widgets there that will meet your needs and more importantly, your clients needs.


Aug 252011

Kudos to the folks at Aquoid Themes for developing and supporting the Suffusion WordPress Theme and providing it to Widget Enthusiasts like us.  We tried it our here at Realtools for Realtors and have decided to run with it all the way.  We are now suggesting it as a worthy WordPress Theme and FREE tool for you to use. Also, the price is right for the upgrade, possibly our next tip and advice for you once we upgrade ourselves.

Check out Suffusion by Aquoid Themes, you won’t be disappointed.